This base is effective for decoration pushing sufficient reason for the well-protected town-hall at the center. Even the storages will slowdown assaulting drives along with also your defenses are going to have more hours for you to cope with damage.


Here you can discover more Trophy Bases for Town-hall 8:

Hybrid Town-hall 8 Farming Base

For protecting your decorations along with your own resources, I suggest this base having various compartments that'll assist you to shield the main structures on your town hall 8 base — the Town Hall along with the Black Elixir Storage unit.

You can locate more hybrid vehicle bases for Town-hall 8:

TH8 Farming Base Design

For town-hall 8 I have a wonderful FARM-ing Base here to you personally who will guard your Trophies along with your prized Dark Elixir too. Many believers will drop to the snare design at the base and believe they could break Through the Dark Elixir Storage readily, but this foundation layout will connect the troops much from there.

Here are some Wonderful farming tips and tips that Can Help You make more loot:


It's about choosing what you wish to shield against. These foundations do the job well, especially the next War Base shown. Be mindful to change the traps only a small piece so that no one could call them.